Donations & Contributions to the Canterbury Railway Society.

Supporting the Canterbury Railway Society.

There are many ways you can support us, you may like to offer a cash contribution or donation, donate railway memorabilia or momentos, or supply equipment and consumables.

Donate Railway Memorabilia.
We find that railway enthusiasts love to collect rail momentos and memorabilia. It may be that you have something tucked away - an old Railways uniform or Railway crockery. As a Society dedicated to collecting and preserving railway heritage we gladly accept donations of railway artefacts - everything from railway pins and watches to carriages and locomotives. Be assured that your donation will be appreciated and cared for. Contact the Society to arrange a donation.

Make a Cash Contribution.
You might like to help continue the work that the Canterbury Railway Society carries out with a cash contribution. Maintaining and restoring railway equipment is expensive and as a non-profit organisation we are always short of funds.

We also offer businesses outstanding promotional opportunities through sponsorship and strategic alliances. If you would like more information or a proposal showing what we offer your organisation Contact the Society.

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