Visiting Ferrymead & the CRS.

The Ferrymead Railway is located within the Ferrymead Heritage Park in south-east Christchurch. The Railway is open for viewing as follows:

General viewing: During normal Park opening hours 10-4:30 daily. Access is limited to display areas and items that are stored outside.
Operating days: The Ferrymead Railway currently operates the first Sunday of the month. Additional operating days during the summer months are every Sunday between the 1st of December and the 28th of February. We also operate over Easter and Labour Day Weekends and many public holidays. Operating hours are the normal Park hours 10-4:30. To see the current operating schedule, go to the Calendar of Events page.
Work days: Railway work days are a also a good time to visit. Workdays are Thursdays and Saturdays, and Wednesday evenings during the summer. Areas of the Railway not normally available to the public may be accessible during work day and members are on site to answer questions. Access and availability of equipment is subject to staff discretion and safety regulations.
Charters and special viewing: Are available and may be arranged through our Public Relations Officer. Charters are not expensive and a great way for you or your group to spend a few hours. Contact us for more information.

Overseas Visitors The best time to experience New Zealand is between mid October and the end of March. Generally the weather is settled and mild. Ferrymead Railway operates and holds work days year round as weather permits. Refer to the Running Schedule page for more information.

How To Get Here

Ferrymead Heritage Park is located in the suburb of Ferrymead, approximately 7 km from Cathedral Square in downtown Christchurch. The public entrance is on Truscotts Road near the intersection of Ferrymead Park Drive. Access is either via Ferry Road on the way to Sumner or off Martindales Road.

Taxi. The fare from the central city is approximately $50 (enquire from your driver or taxi company as to the actual fare to be charged).

For details of Park opening days, hours and entrance charges to Ferrymead Heritage Park contact the Park office.

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