Awards Presentation 2006.

General Manager Dave Newman awarding replica award certificates to a few of the junior members who were part of the team to restore tank wagon E 3705 which can be seen behind them.
From Left: Mentor Kevin Holland, Josh Nelson receiving his award, James Gobbe, and General Manager Dave Newman.

Mid afternoon on Sunday 30th 2006 saw a small gathering of juniors and parents on the grass accross from Moorhouse station to celebrate winning the 2006 Freight Wagon Restoration Award.
President Bruce Shalders and General Manager Dave Newman made short speeches not only to congratulate the younger members on such a good job, but to also recognise the older members who mentor, organise and help the younger members who are the future generation of the CRS.

President Bruce Shalders giving a short speech before the certificate presentation and run on a special train to Ferrymead Station and back.

All aboard the special train pulled by Cb 113 and consisting of carriage A516 and tank wagon E 3705. One the return trip some of the juniors travelling on the back of the loco.

Afternoon tea in Moorhouse Station and a bit of a chat followed the train trip and then another run up the track and back to end the afternoon.
Unfortunately some junior members who helped in the restoration were not able to attend, these were
Jack Hurley - on holiday in Britain
Kane Shearer - now living in Queensland
Francis Bradfield - now living in London.

Congratulations to all members who took part in the restoration of tank wagon E 3705 it is something everyone can be proud of. A special thanks and congratulations also to Kevin Holland for putting in the time and effort, it is great to be recognised by the society and FRONZ and the winning of this award is not only a credit to the junior members but also a reflection of your guidence. Well done.

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