The Completion of the Cantenary Cable between Moorhouse & Ferrymead Stations.

About twelve keen men attended Ferrymead on November 11th 2005 and put in place the Catenary cable between Morrhouse and Ferrymead.
It was an excellent day for the project and after a few problems the cable know runs the total length of the line.
First problem petrol pump on Pie-Cart (PW1) stopped no go and one end on the drum came out unexpectantly but these small items did not put off the workers and by 5pm the cable was up and tensioned to 1800 Lbs.

Start of the day
The start of the day.

Unwinding the cable
Unwinding the cable.

Placing the cable in the pulleys
Placing the cable in the pulleys.

Lunch time
Lunch time on Ferrymead Station platform.

The finished item
The finished item that looks excellent. Congratulations to all those involved on an excellent job in the 30 degree heat.

Photographs by Pete Soundy.

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