Duncans Bridge Replacement.

Over the last 5 years the City Council have been landscaping the lower areas of the Heathcote Valley. New playing fields have been constructed on what were once empty grazing paddocks. The larger works have involved the building of drainage ponds above Ferrymead Park Drive. The ponds then discharge into a landscaped salt marsh area between our railway line and the tramway line (see overhead view). The salt marsh area is affected by tidal flow up the Heathcote River estuary. At times of high tides and heavy rain fall (as has been the case over the 2008 winter), the increase in volume and discharge rate under Duncans Bridge is more than it was ever designed for.

So the need for a larger outlet is evident. This will come in the form of a double culvert for the railway embankment and the new public walkway running along side the estuary (see plan). The Railways track gang will be removing track sets from the bridge and approaches after the last train on Sunday February 22nd. The rail formation should be ready for track relaying by the weekend of April 4/5th, for trains to run over the Easter holidays.

When the track is relayed, a new right hand turnout will be installed for a future dock siding into Ferrymead Station.
Check progress on the Works & Way page for regular updates over March.

Peter Jenkinson
Way & Works supervisor

View of bridge location
The view of the bridge location.

Plan of the culvert
A plan of the culvert to replace the bridge.

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